Entrepreneur, eCommerce Mentor, High School Student

Now just 16, Jack Bloomfield is one of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs in Australia.
Jack has been involved with starting, operating and growing businesses ever since the age of 12 and has grown these multiple businesses to massive heights.
As a child, Jack had always been incredibly interested in business and the online world. From his father interviewing him about his grand business plan at 7 to designing his first website at 8, Jack has gone on to diversify into many different industries.
Being only 16 he still attends high school and, while in his senior year, single-handedly runs his multiple businesses.
Jack is not only heavily devoted to his own business success, primarily eCommerce, but over the last few months has developed a range of comprehensive programs with the aim of educating others around eCommerce.
Jack's success at such a young age enables him to boast an extensive list of media appearances including Entrepreneur Magazine, The Today Show, Studio, News.com.au and many more.
Jack is a mentor to thousands. Through his extensive hands-on experience and tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, Jack has developed a strong passion for entrepreneurship and inspiring others through his achievements at such a young age.